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Yarn Bowl - Pressed Lace - White & Blue

Yarn Bowl - Pressed Lace - White & Blue

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This yarn bowl is hand crafted especially for crocheters and knitters.  The way that it works is you put your ball of yarn in the bowl and feed the end of the yarn attached to your work through the spiral and then when you pull your yarn the ball just spins neatly in the bowl instead of rolling all over the floor. It's really quite clever. Plus, it just looks so cute and interesting. As an added bonus it will help keep your work tidy while you are working on your masterpiece.

Handmade and hand glazed this unique yarn bowl will help your knitting or crocheting creations to go smoothly. These hand-built bowls are made using the ancient pinch pot technique of pushing the clay into shape. Then the lace is pressed into the surface and gently rolled over to make the impressions. 

This unique style is blue on the inside and white patterned on the outside. There is a minor glaze issue that can be seen on the inside where the clear glaze has crazed under the surface. It is a cosmetic issue. Price has been adjusted accordingly.

Each item is lovingly handmade just for you. Due to the hand-making and decorating process irregularities may occur between each item making each one unique and original. The items pictured are examples of previously made yarn bowls. If you would like to see photos of your yarn bowl prior to delivery please make a comment at ordering or contact Summer Freckles.


As each yarn bowl is hand-built sizes will vary. 
Approx. diameter 17cm to 19cm


Pre-orders only open a couple of times a year depending on production workflow and customer requests. Sign up to the Summer Freckles Tribe to find out when pre-orders will be opening. 

Care Instructions

This product is earthenware. Hand wash only.

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