After leaving a full-time, high pressured job that resulted in me questioning my abilities in all areas of work, life and parenting I needed a distraction, something to ground me. A desire to create simple items with clay has always been bubbling within me just below the surface. Playing with air-drying clay a few years prior satisfied the desire for a while but as it resurfaced, creating with clay seemed to be the perfect solution to the situation I found myself in.

As a true believer in the statement ‘no experience is ever wasted - good or bad’ I can see how my various life experiences have all worked together to make me who I am today and have given me the courage to step into a new adventure.

Summer Freckles is my creative journey. It is my desire to create beautiful, pleasing, and kind items for use in everyday life.

I’m glad you’ve found me. Come along with me on this adventure.

Richelle xx
Owner, Maker & Happy Dancer ;)