FAQ Online Workshops

What ages is the Cute House Workshop suitable for?

The Cute Houses Workshop is designed for families to create together. I would recommend ages 8 and up to follow the tutorial. However, younger children will find ways to create on their own. 

If you don't have kids, don't worry, all the more clay for you to use :)

I have sons, do you think they would be interested?

Absolutely! Boys can be very interested in creating with clay and are great at it too. Maybe call them 'Minecraft' houses rather than 'Cute Houses', that way they can recreate something in real life that they may have already made online.

How much can I make with 3kg of clay?

3kg is more than enough to make two houses based on the template. Depending on how you roll the clay out and how much wastage there is you may be able to make some smaller houses or some little animal creations too.

Can I buy more clay?

If you have a big family or have a group of people who want to do the workshop together you are welcome to purchase additional clay.

When will my clay kit be delivered?

Local Sunshine Coast deliveries (within 25 km of Nambour) are done each Thursday or Friday personally by Summer Freckles. Please order by Monday for delivery on Thursday or Friday the same week.

If your delivery location is outside of the Local Sunshine Coast area clay kits are posted within 3 to 5 days of purchase.

Am I in the 25km free delivery area?

The local Sunshine Coast free delivery area is based on a 25 km radius from the Summer Freckles Studio in Nambour. You can check this list to see if you are located within this region.

How do I access the online video?

The tutorial video link will be emailed to you the day that your clay kit is delivered or dispatched. You will need to have a Google account and be logged in to view the video on YouTube with the email address provided. If you have any difficulties please email me. Details will be provided with your clay kit.

What do I do if I have a question?

Join the private Summer Freckles Facebook group. Details will be provided with your clay kit.

You can post your questions there and I will endeavour to answer them as quickly as I can (within 12 to 24 hrs). You can also share photos here of your progress or finished houses.

You are also welcome to email me if Facebook isn't your thing.

How long does the video/tutorial go for?

The pottery tutorial goes for 1 hr 20 mins and will work best if you work along with it and pause if you need more time at each stage.

How long should I allow to complete the workshop?

I suggest you allow approx. 2 hours to complete the project. Plan the morning or afternoon as if you were going out to attend a workshop. You might need to have a break part way though to have a stretch and a snack. 

If you purchased the Glaze Set, allow another 30 to 45 mins to glaze your houses. This can be done on another occasion and at any point between creation and bisque firing. 

Make sure everyone washes the clay off their hands before eating and try not to put any clay down the sink as over time it may clog it. 

How do I get my pieces fired if I'm not on the Sunshine Coast?

In most regions there is a local pottery club, supplier or potter that offers firings for a small fee. I'm happy to help if you need assistance in locating one.

What's the best way to transport my creations?

After you have finished creating, allow your pieces to dry. This will take anywhere from a few days to a week. You will need to return your creations to the Summer Freckles studio in Nambour. They will be very brittle until they are fired so you need to pack them well for transport. You could use the tray or box that your clay kit was delivered in as a first option. Use newspaper or paper towel to pack around each piece ensuring they won't be able to knock against each other while being transported.  

I have left over clay and/or glaze what should I do with it?

Clay can be reconstituted, reclaimed and reused even if it is bone dry. So if you think you would like to create with clay again save it and learn about that process. It's quite easy.

Likewise, the glaze will keep and be able to be used on another project. Over time even in the pots it may dry out but again can be reconstituted by adding a little bit of water.

However, if you are happy with your creations from this workshop and are not sure if you will do any more clay creating you are welcome to return leftover clay and glaze to Summer Freckles for reusing.

That was so much fun, when will the next one be available?

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