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Firing - Glaze

Firing - Glaze

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Firing clay information:

All clay needs to go through at least two firings.

1st Firing - Bisque

All different clay types (terracotta, earthenware, mid-fire, stoneware, porcelain) will be fired in this firing - this firing is essential before the glaze firing

2nd Firing - Glaze
It is important to know what clay type you have for this firing. Check the packet or ask for glaze temperature. This will determine what type of glaze you will put on the piece and what temperature glaze firing you will book. The temperature of the glaze (also found on its packet) must fit with the range of the glaze temperature on the clay packet. This is very important. All clay sold by Summer Freckles will fire at 1220 deg celsius.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact me otherwise please book the bisque and correct glaze firing temperature for your clay and glaze below.

Firings do not take place at regular intervals and the kiln needs to be full before firing. This is to ensure consistency of temperature and cost efficiency. If you require your pieces in a certain timeframe please contact Summer Freckles prior to booking your firing to check if this can be fulfilled. 

When are your pieces are ready for glaze firing?

Depending on what you are making and how you want it glazed you may choose to have your bisque and glaze firing done in the one session. i.e. book your items in for bisque firing and a glaze firing and they will be done one after the other with Summer Freckles applying the glaze and then firing

and then firing a second time before returning your pieces. If you would like to decorate your bisque ware with underglaze before it is glazed you will need to collect your pieces and then book your glaze firing when you are ready.

Delivery and Collection:

Your pieces need to be delivered and collected from the Summer Freckles studio in Nambour at a pre-arranged time.

Please make sure you have initialled each piece and that you take a photo of the group of works for reference when collecting. 

When will your pieces be ready for collection?

When you book I will be in touch with a timeframe for the next firing and a collection timeframe. Expect to collect in approximately 3-5 weeks.

Care and responsibility disclaimer:

While all care is taken handling your work Summer Freckles is not responsible for breakages or glaze mishaps.

Size Options:

Single item [approx. 10cm x 10cm x 10cm] - $10

Quarter Shelf [25cm x 25cm x 25cm] - $20

Half Shelf

 [25cm x 50cm x 25cm] - $35

Full Shelf

 [50cm x 50cm x 25cm] - $75

Glaze Options:

Clear glaze applied by Summer Freckles, included in price

White glaze applied by Summer Freckles, included in price

How to work out what size shelf to book:

Place all your pieces finger width apart on a flat surface in a square/rectangle space approx. 25cm across. Work out if you need half, quarter or full shelf size and book accordingly. Pieces CAN NOT touch OR stack in a glaze firing.

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Every ceramic kiln firing is essentially an experiment. Our firings are priced to be as affordable as possible to encourage exploration of material and form. 

Summer Freckles will take all care but no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any item which I feel may cause problems. 

Firings must be booked and paid for in advance through the website. 

All firings will be packed and operated by Summer Freckles and will only be done when a kiln is full. 

All firings of clay sold by Summer Freckles will be done at midfire, 1220 deg unless otherwise requested.

You must supply specific details of the clay and / or glazes used on the firing form or your work cannot be fired. The base and 5mm from the base will not be glazed. 

All work and boxes must be clearly labelled with your name or may not be returned to you. 

A kiln will not be opened for unpacking until it is below 100 degrees. 

All work needs to be collected within 6 weeks or may be disposed of. 

If these rules are not adhered to you will be liable for any damage your work causes to our kiln and / or shelves and will be required to pay any repair or replacement costs.

Gift Cards:

Giving the gift of clay? Unsure what the recipient would like? Why not purchase a Summer Freckles Gift Certificate and let them choose for themselves.

Contact Richelle from Summer Freckles for further information.

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