Studio Session Rules

The Summer Freckles Studio is a creative space, open to potters of all levels. Each artist is free to create as they wish. Copying another artist directly is prohibited. Learning from others and employing techniques and styles to extend ones skills is appropriate.

General Details:

No specific instruction is provided. However, Richelle will be available to assist you with equipment use or hand-building techniques if required.

Clay is provided for use at the studio only and is included in the session fee. All clay available in the studio is reclaimed clay and will need to be wedged / prepared prior to use. Potters are encouraged to purchase and bring their own midfire/cone 6 clay to the studio

All created work is to be clearly marked and placed on the appropriate shelves. You are also encouraged to take photos of all your work as a record.

Studio Safety:

  • Covered shoes are recommended, sandals and thongs are worn at the individual’s own risk.

  • All clay is to be cleaned up at the end of the session and either removed from the studio or placed in the correct reclaim bucket

  • All workbench surfaces are to be wet wiped as needed throughout the session and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the session

  • Tools and equipment are to be cleaned at the end of the session and returned to their storage place

  • No dry sanding of greenware or bisque is to be done in the studio

  • If mixing of dry materials is required, prior arrangement will need to be made and the participant will need to provide their own respirator

  • Regular handwashing is recommended to minimise the movement of clay and dust around the studio.

  • No food or open beverages are to be consumed in the studio.  Clay, dust, or glaze could settle on or contaminate your food which you will then consume. Stepping outside of the studio can be a good break and a good way to prevent anything unwanted from ending up on your food.

  • You are encouraged to take regular breaks and check your posture to avoid repetitive strain on your body

Wheel Use Details:

There are two wheels available for use and they are included in the session fee, however, wheels must be booked if specific use is required. 

If wheels are not booked a first-in-first-served basis will be in place. No wheel throwing tuition is included in the session fee.

Clay will need to be prepared by the potter using the wheel.

Wheels are to be cleaned and wiped down when finished. Trimmings and slops are to be placed in the correct reclaim bucket.

Firing Details:

Bisque firing is included in the session fee. 

Glaze and glaze firing is NOT included in the session fee. These services can be purchased separately.

Work will be fired when a suitable kiln load is available and subject to the discretion of Summer Freckles.

All firings will be packed and operated by Summer Freckles and will only be done when a full kiln load is available. 

You must supply specific details of the clay and / or glazes used on the firing form or your work cannot be fired. The base and 5mm from the base must not be glazed. 


Work boards, benches, wheels and tools are to be cleaned and returned to the correct place prior to the end of the session.


There are some tools and laces that are not available for participants to use.

Care and responsibility disclaimer:

While all care is taken handling your work Summer Freckles is not responsible for breakages or glaze mishaps. Every ceramic kiln firing is essentially an experiment. Our firings are priced to be as affordable as possible to encourage exploration of material and form. 

Summer Freckles will take all care but no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse to fire any item which it deems may cause problems. 

All work and boxes must be clearly labelled with your name or it may not be returned to you. 

A kiln will not be opened for unpacking until it is below 100 degrees. 

All work needs to be collected within 10 weeks or may be disposed of. 

If these rules are not adhered to you will be liable for any damage your work causes to our kiln and / or shelves and will be required to pay any repair or replacement costs.

Updated: 28 April 2024