Pottery Workshops

Learn a new skill and create something beautiful in the process. At a Summer Freckles workshop you will learn the techniques of creating with clay. You can then create to your hearts content. 

Online workshops are available for purchase at any time. This gives you access to the instructional video and download sheet to create at home. A clay kit can also be purchased that includes all clay and tools required.

In-person workshops are held on the Sunshine Coast. Workshops include all clay required, glazes and firing fees. Nothing extra to pay. They will be listed here and advertised via our mailing list and on social media. Register your interest in the next Summer Freckles workshop using the contact form

Studio time will be available soon for you to book time to come to the Summer Freckles studio and create in a space designed for working with clay. You will have access to pottery wheels, a slab roller, clay, tools and glazes as required. Register your interest by filling out the contact form.