Wisdom and Courage - Two Tone Bar Necklace

Summer Freckles

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Wisdom and Courage  - Two Tone Bar Necklace
Wisdom and Courage  - Two Tone Bar Necklace

You know what you want, you know how to get it and you won't let anything stand in your way.

You'll look and feel amazing with this singularly unique jewellery piece. Lovingly handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly with high quality gold filled chain which will not tarnish or flake.

Dressed up or down this piece will add a touch of beauty to your look, perfect for any occasion.

Handmade Two Tone Bar Pendant with 22K Gold Detail on a 14K Gold Filled Chain.

The pieces shown are the ones you will receive.

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Colour Options

Teal & White
Pink & White

Chain Length Options

Choker: 41cm / 16"
Princess: 46cm / 18"
Matinee: 55cm / 22"

Care Instructions

To ensure your unique handmade necklace stays in mint condition I recommend keeping it away from perfumes, lotions and hairspray. Don't wear it in the shower or to bed. It is best stored in a safe place like the bag it came in or a lined jewellery box. Keep in mind - "Last on and first off." If required gently clean the ceramic surface and chain with a soft cloth.

As each item is handmade there may be some small imperfections. Hopefully, you will, as I do, see any small imperfection as part of what makes a personally hand-made item unique. These are not considered design faults. I like to call them ‘love spots’. Personally, I’ve got plenty of ‘love spots’ :)

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