Hand-carved Planter - Aztec Inspired

Summer Freckles

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Hand-carved Planter - Aztec Inspired

This beautiful, earthy planter was made by joining two slabs together and hand-carved once the clay was firm. It has a wonderful texture that is pleasing to both look at and touch. It's the perfect addition to your comfy spot either inside or outside. As it has no drainage hole in the base it could also be used for utensils or pen holder.

Each item is lovingly handmade just for you. Due to the hand-making and decorating process irregularities may occur between pots making each one unique and original. I do my very best to provide you with an accurate representation of the products for sale. If you would like to see additional photos contact Summer Freckles.


Diameter - approx. 9.5cm
Height - approx. 11.5cm

Care Instructions

This product is stoneware and can be washed as required.

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