Summer Freckles Pottery Workshop Sponsorship Programme

A Summer Freckles pottery workshop is the perfect setting to allow yourself to relax and accomplish something at the same time. Creating with clay is a particularly relaxing and satisfying experience. Even if you have not done anything with clay before, the techniques are easy to understand and the results are able to be accomplished by anyone. 

As a mum I know that sometimes the budget doesn't stretch far enough for you to pursue a creative endeavour or even to have fun and some timeout to focus on something other than your family for a short time. But I also know that having timeout for yourself to play, relax and grow is so important for you to be able to do the important job of caring for your family. It’s a bit like the emergency instructions on an airplane: “take care of yourself first so that you can take care of those you love.”

This is why I have put in place the “Summer Freckles Pottery Workshop Sponsorship Programme".

You just need to answer a few simple questions and let me know why you would love to come along to a Summer Freckles Pottery Workshop. There will be a small cost payable by the successful application.

Applications to the programme are open to anyone over 16 yrs old but specifically targeted to mums who need some time to recharge and refresh. You can nominate yourself or someone else who you think might need this.

Summer Freckles Pottery Workshop Sponsorship Application Form - Personal

Summer Freckles Pottery Workshop Sponsorship Application Form - Nomination